Diwali Dinner | November 3

Come join the Diwali Dinner with the most interesting Londoners

October has been a good month for our parent company Network Capital with the Facebook funding announcement, partnership with Reid Hoffman's Masters of Scale and 5 new B2B partners from fast-growing companies

We look forward to further strengthening our offline engagement in London. Our London based subscribers include top professionals from Stripe, Facebook, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs etc. What underpins our community members is generosity of spirit, not just accomplishment. 

This Diwali Dinner includes a talk by our founder Utkarsh, lip-smacking food and curated cocktails. It is open to subscribers and we would love for you to become one. In addition to this dinner, you will get to attend all future events and avail all subscriber benefits for the year including access to Network Capital TV, live cohort based courses, 1:1 mentorship, curated subgroups and loads of other surprises. So go ahead and subscribe. Once you take the annual subscription, you will also get free access to the Masters of Scale Courses app worth $99/year. Subscribe now :)

We will send you the details of the venue after you subscribe. 

P.S. You can also refer 3 people to Network Capital and get $50 once they subscribe. No strings attached. 

See you on Nov 3. 


VP, Product and Government Affairs

London Stack | Network Capital